Balloon and Veil


Balloon and Veil, originally uploaded by christinecoit.

This morning I received a text that asked if I would like to be the photographer at a bridal shower I was attending today. Here is a shot from my impromptu gig. 😉

  1. Cool! Do you do this kind of event often? I shot a reception some time back and I was ridiculously nervous. =]

  2. Actually, this is the first time anyone has ever asked me to be their photographer for an event. The friend knew that I owned a nice camera and has seen photos that I’ve taken. I wasn’t nervous in the least–but maybe that was because it was more of a favor and less than a paid thing? 🙂

  3. I’ve only done the one event and it was as a favor too–still nervous though. But that’s just me; I can turn any benign event into a reason for stress. =]

  4. I probably should have stressed out, but I think with everything going on with work, my computer, upcoming bridesmaids duties, etc. I just didn’t have the umph to stress about this one. =]

  5. Beautiful picture! I hope the friend is satisfied too! 🙂

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