Nooooo!, originally uploaded by christinecoit.

This morning I woke up and just had a NEED to drive one and a half hours to see ocean. I partially blame the fact that all week I have been staring at this photo, because it is the desktop background on my laptop. I needed sand. I needed waves. I needed some Bay Area fog. And after hours of shooting photos, this is my favorite shot.

To set the scene, please imagine the young child screaming, “Noooooooo! NO!!!” while his older brother sprints towards the ocean. Older brother reaches the surf, stops running, and gently releases little brother to go running back to mom. I had all of a few seconds to realize what was happening, grab my camera, and get the shot.

  1. That’s a great shot–really fun!

  2. What a great shot! Quick reaction! 🙂

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