Names in Cement

Name in Cement, originally uploaded by christinecoit.

Lately, my new favorite pastime is taking long walks. (Truthfully, it’s because I hurt myself running, and my doctor has outlawed running, cycling, and anything at the gym that attempts to replicate either of these activities.) The great thing about walking through an area–as opposed to running–is that you slow down and really take in the scene. I’ve missed so much!

On yesterday’s walk, I ventured over a patch of ground that was littered with children’s names. Two kids named Bailey and Kelly went to town when the cement was wet who knows how long ago. My favorite incarnation of their names is the one pictured. They only had a small patch of cement, and so they stuck to single syllables. I think I would have liked to have seen these kids at work.

  1. That’s a fantastic story. It makes my imagination run wild. How many times had they used the wet cement?

  2. Lemme think — Bailey around 4-5 times. Kelly twice. And they wrote the name of the town twice. 🙂 The wet cement was used thoroughly.

  3. When I saw the photo, it made me feel all nostalgic and wistful and wondering about Bai and Kel and their lives. When I read your comment about how many times they wrote their names, it changed my mood completely–and I was laughing about how industrious they were.

    Nice photo. Nice story. Thanks!

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