Sunflowers, originally uploaded by christinecoit.

So, I don’t like roses.  Don’t get me wrong.  If you bring me a bouquet of roses, I’ll love them and display them proudly on my dining room table.  But there’s just something about the bright, happy yellow of a sunflower that makes my heart happy.  I’m instantly reminded of those perfectly warm, never-ending summer days of childhood.  I think of fourth of July picnics, and popsicles, and riding my bike, and skinning a knee or two.  So yesterday when surrounded by thousands upon thousands of these happy golden flowers?  Couldn’t wipe the grin off my face.
  1. Did you do any kind of coloring to this photo? It’s breathtaking. The last sunflower photo I took is one of my favorites — caught a bumblebee on the flower.

    • To be honest, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to editing my photos. I have a Mac, and played around with this photo just a smidge in iPhoto. (I know. I know. It’s a shame not to use the Adobe suite that comes with my work computer.) I used the “antique” filter, just because I liked the softness that it created.

      I like that shot of yours. I think my favorite moments as a photographer are those when I was there at “just the right moment.” 🙂

      • P.S. Checked out your 2010 reading list. You’ll love The Devil in the White City. Love. Think about adding The Shadow of the Wind. Oh, and maybe The Book Thief.

      • Well, even just with iphoto, it’s a beautiful job. I usually play with mine a bit in Photoshop– at least lately I’ve been brightening them up a bit.

        Also, regarding my book list — I did read Devil in the White City already! I really enjoyed it. Well, I enjoyed parts of it more than others. It jumped around a lot and some of the technical stuff lost me, but the entire story of the fair and the murders were just so intriguing!

  2. Perfectly captures those warm summer days. Really nice.

  3. The combination of the photo and your thoughts create a real nostalgia. Nice story and great memories!

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