Sioux Warrior

Sunset Statue, originally uploaded by christinecoit.

To continue the statue trend, here’s Sioux Warrior, on display at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.  I had wandered over to the museum with my sister after her graduation.  It was nearing sunset, and as we walked toward the back of the complex–the museum itself was closed, but the grounds weren’t–I turned around and saw this.  With the sun behind it and the sky changing colors, the already-dramatic statue became even more striking.

P.S.  I’m currently lamenting that‘s services don’t work with free sites.   Sigh.

  1. I really love the silhouette here–the golden sky is perfect. Great image!

  2. Great photo, powerful. I think I would have removed the stuff down in the right corner…but that’s just me 🙂

    • No you’re completely right–maybe when I catch up on a little of my grading I’ll play around and re-post. 🙂

  3. Excellent picture, I love them all. Very well done Photo Blog.


    • Thanks! I’m learning as I go–I mean photography and this whole blogging thing! Just took a look at your blog. I really like the image you posted yesterday–black and white, looking out a door onto a porch. Very cool perspective, and I love the choice to use b&w.

  4. I love the lighting on this one! I agree with you that it makes the statue all the more striking! Well done!

    • Thanks! It was pretty dramatic looking at it from the other direction, but with just the silhouette and the sky behind it? My mouth kinda dropped.

  5. very nice compo and silhouette.

    • Thanks! By the way, I’m completely in love with your current blog post (“No Time to Say Goodbye”). It’s my current favorite on the net.

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